About Me

Born in USSR.Now live in a free country 🙂

I am a painter. I live in Moldova. It is a beautiful country with few exceptions.
I am passionate about the arts for many years. Painting is my basic work. My works of art are of various sizes, dependent on the idea that I put on canvas. Most times, the idea dictates technique or genre of art. Painting, installation or graphics. My topics are inspired by the reality that I live. I find inspiration in the people I know around the world. Relations between people and their stereotypes gives me enough reasons not to stop in my creations. I observed and studied people carefully as it is possible. The portraits are often the best tool, at least for me, to translate the characters on the canvas. Social issues are also a good study material. They usually materializes in my installations. Well, I have not done enough art installations, but I am in the process of carrying out several projects.


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